Lunch & Laser

April 30 - 12:30PM

We had such a great time at our first Lunch & Laser event. We had an office full of people interested to learn how MLS Laser Therapy could help them, and even more who tuned in via Facebook during and after our live broadcast. 

Are you curious about what was presented? Watch the live broadcast at:

Dr. McNeill - How MLS Works.png
Dr. McNeill explains how the MLS Laser actually works.
Dr. McNeill - Prevents Opioid Use.png
Robert C. and Dr. A - Pain-Free.png
Dr. Doyle - Thanks Facebookland!.png
Robert C. is now "Pain-Free!" and Dr. Arain explains how MLS helped.
Dr. McNeill explains how MLS Laser Therapy helps reduce the need for Opioids and thus prevents side effects from those medications.
Thanks for watching Facebook viewers!
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